I am a fragment of my ancestors  who saw the veil for what it is who explored full spectrum consciouness  without a book or wikipedia.  fotoMahaloness Full Spectrum whirlwind powered fragmented doodles.     Express Yourself    

surf doodle

The ocean has been good to me over the years, whether on a surf board riding a wave or making drawings where the waves are breaking, it is a place I like to be. fotoMahaloness hau ink on paper c.2012 hälts art store link

coffee doodle sesshin

fotoMahaloness ink and watercolour bc coast roadtrip coffee sesshin doodle. 8.5 x 11 c. 2013 Hey you can help support my art here if you feel so inclined. Thank you to those who have supported this dream of mine, you are appreciated immensely. Mahaloness all the way.

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