I think as an artist you have to write your own history, you cannot rely on the outside to do this for you. Whether or not you think your story is worthy, it has been my experience it is. The truth is I don’t have any idea where this ship is going because I haven’t …

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inside out

The days are getting shorter, I am getting older, and there are many paintings to finish. Recently I have dove head first into the abstract expressionism, as I have some things I need to express. This is where I started, abstract, black and white, which I was exposed to by the likes of Franz Kline …

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2 landscapes

when I paint landscapes I become one with that which I paint. fotoMahaloness The desert painting (commission work) acrylic on canvas c. 2014 the lake painting acrylic in wood panel (commission work) c.2012 hälts art store

a spiritual desert

even the desert has life. fotoMahaloness the desert painting (in the studio) 24x48x 2 in. acrylic on canvas c.2014 In the next coming weeks Mahaloness will be back in full swing with all new fotos and explorations to share. It has been one beautiful journey and the search has opened my eyes to new possibilities, …

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glass lens

fotoMahaloness A friend once gave me a glass lens while sitting on a rock in Paia. I recently found it and took this foto of my desert obscuro painting. I am also excited to announce that I have been working with my good friends at skyfarm productions and will be releasing a couple of digidocus/arthouse …

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desert sesshins

painting organic architecture, desert sculpting unfortunately shown here as a digital simulacrum… One of the unfortunate things about digital is it will never represent paint as paint can. If you do not understand what that means may I suggest for once in your life you turn this thing off and go to a museum with …

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ocean to desert

ocean to desert fotoMahaloness -tonights desert paint sesshin is dedicated to positivity and loving kindness. added bonus fotodigidoodlegem tofino love, one of my favourite places on Mother Earth.

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