Now some words from hälts pictured above…. There is a metamorphosis going on, the acknowledgement of pain and suffering as part of the experience and acceptance of its weight. Strengthen spirit, forgiveness, honouring the work done in the passing cycle and arrival to new understanding. Rebirth of compassion while seeking the underlying truth, what lies …

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The Creator mural minimotion picture show with sound…

Thats right folks hälts has been at it agan, following a disastrous couple weeks of computer crashes and some plain old life stuff hälts has against all odds managed to persevere and create a wonderful little gem of a minimotion picture show featuring his latest mural called ‘Creator’. Over the course of the mural prodction …

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spirit paint

They are some who think paint has the power to dissovle the veil, and magically we can cross over to the other side. Unfortunately the ones who worked with this miraculous paint lived thousands of years ago, so I set out to make a ‘veil dissolver’ paint, although instead of mixing it with saliva like …

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poem no. 2498

faced with indomitable adveristy seeking to find an age old rhyme soul searching cave dweller inside a temple golden light fotoMahaloness -digi portrait, ‘intuitive’ Intuitive since birth. dedicated to artists who explore the deep.

super deep

fotoMahaloness super deep art, exploring the vastness of the universal. -painting detail from ‘Pearl Diver’s Dream’ c.2012 hälts art timelapse video presentation of a painting called ‘fluir energia’, engage here. The video link above is a fotomontage or sequence of stills edited together with music. The video features the evolution of one my paintings, seen …

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dive deep

I dive deep into my art. fotoMahaloness -doing it live at a festival brah! get your tshirt on here in the collection ‘pearl divers dream’ 16x20x2 in. acrylic on panel c.2014

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