I have been a little MIA lately, I suppose I have lots going on in my life. And really…..who doesn’t. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get on with it. The last couple months have flown by. Ups, downs, sideways, upside down, around, twisted, sadness, happiness, and loneliness. Love came, …

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The spirit of the universe honours action.  fotoMahaloness It’s been full on in the studio, lots to do as I prepare for a busy 2018 including a trip to the south of France for a month of art exploration, yew!  Me working on my WIP ‘SLO with a commission painting in the background called ‘pirates …

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easy and natural 

The explorations must continue, the art must go on, the heart must soften and open, easy and natural, so that the creativity can come pouring out.  fotoMahaloness  with a new hälts minimotion ‘easy and natural’ ​​

cafe Mahaloness

Writing, light reading, eating and some digipainting all go really well with coffee, not too much coffee though as this this can potentially frazzle creative process and the nervous system. The digipainting is Basquiat turning into Damien Hurst’s skull of diamonds,. To stay true to the art and handle the pressure of the artworld is …

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coffee doodle sesshin

fotoMahaloness ink and watercolour bc coast roadtrip coffee sesshin doodle. 8.5 x 11 c. 2013 Hey you can help support my art here if you feel so inclined. Thank you to those who have supported this dream of mine, you are appreciated immensely. Mahaloness all the way.


fotoMahaloness -3 things that warm my heart: coffee, discovering new paintaverses, and retreats to BC Canada. Check more of my art at Mahaloness Just a thought: I have never lost my wonder about this world, when I have please bury me with a bottle of Cobalt teal.

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