The days are growing longer. The suns presence a welcome change from the short days of light. As the snow melts high on the mountain tops, the rivers swell. The bears awake from their winter slumber. The birds migrate in the sky above. Clouds fill the valley, rain falls, buckets of water, saturating the land. …

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How the days of old wane outside dreamy pink flowers burst bees face deep into the experience hummingbird perched on the rose branch tip a yellow flower sings in the peace dove garden a distorted face reflected back in a glass pane painted golden orange by the sun billowing clouds sculpted into shapes a fire …

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far and close

There is moment after moment of happiness available to us, sometimes you have to travel far and wide, while sometimes you just have to stick your face in a flower. fotoMahaloness moments of in and out of creative space. Flowers are from Agent R’s garden and the hibiscus is an archive from a Maui sojourn. …

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The weather

The weather rolls through daily, one day 39 degrees Celsius, thats just over 100 Fahrenheit (symbol °F). Other days cold cloud banks linger, threatening every moment to come spoil my fun, although thats not really how I see it, I love to be aware of the weather and when thunder rolls following the hot flash …

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epic search

Thank you for visiting Mahaloness, and Mahaloness be with you. fotoMahaloness -epic search, engraved memories, painted visions, future past. Currently working on For the love of the ocean, the land and the bubble we live in.

Upside down right side up

Right side up Upside down The world spins round the round. -thought pulled from the air Fotomahaloness -life moments when I remember to look up and all around. For my friends around the world, this is the perfect place to share the wealth. Mahaloness to Mother Earth.

Poetic picture

Crimson paintaverse. Cumulus Maximus. Goddess energy. Deadman. Fallen giants. Lightening turns night to day. A figure looms ahead on the road of what is to come. Clouds carry my thoughts away. Fresh water replenishes my blood. Plans for a new design. Hearts made hard by trying times. Those whose voice stoked the fire. Contemplative leader. …

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