hälts in mural

 This is a new minimotion by hälts featuring footage from his last mural project  ‘creator’ along with some fun animations paired nicely with a hälts original soundtrack, powered by Mahaloness. The hummingbird footage is from a recent trip to BC where hälts also discovered a new talent he never knew he had, path making, which …

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BC magica

Following a busy couple of months hälts the artist behind the art and fotos you see here on Mahaloness decided it was best to head west and spend time in his second home, where the elders live, Windermere BC, East Kootenay. I see the valley as a continuously morphing painting, each time I look, something …

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BC magica

I am forever grateful for these moments, they seep deep into my soul and both, humble and inspire me. Being with Nature I have no choice but to be in a state of awareness, as the hustle of modern life loosens its grip. fotoMahaloness precious moments steeped in B.C.’s soul  


posiblemente sea mi imaginación Mexico is beautiful at night The moon smiles and the lights of Acapulco sparkle like stars in the sky. Journal entry written while on bus and doodle As I look out my window I realize I am completely at the mercy of this place. I arrive in Acapluco at 2 am, …

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