illusion part one

‘the illusion of fame’ 🐪 hälts late night minimotion with soundscape ‘something missing’ this is a little bit of a contemplative piece which features lady Pacifica, hand drawn hälts original animation (Shamans journey), candle light, quick clip from Esprrsso Kino, a room, a man, and the sky🐛 ​​ In this part of the world we live …

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I acknowledge the ancient ancestors whose light lit my mortal torch who made the path I walk my marks are also their marks my vision a continuation of their vision and so I journey on this torch illuminates the way thank you dear ancestors for you helped to make this life and for this I …

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I am a fragment of my ancestors  who saw the veil for what it is who explored full spectrum consciouness  without a book or wikipedia.  fotoMahaloness Full Spectrum whirlwind powered fragmented doodles.     Express Yourself    

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