Something I have learned being an artist is you never really know what’s going to happen next. What I mean is there is an uncertainty that goes along with it and this makes for a completely different set of problems and challenges that most sane humans would avoid like the plague. For instance there is …

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inside out

The days are getting shorter, I am getting older, and there are many paintings to finish. Recently I have dove head first into the abstract expressionism, as I have some things I need to express. This is where I started, abstract, black and white, which I was exposed to by the likes of Franz Kline …

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an offering 

  As I travel through this unfamiliar land I begin to release the pressures that life brings, and the soul does sing. I am guided by an inner desire to explore this planet, always observing its changes, some subtle, some more extreme. Here in the coast I smell the the salty ocean air, sun kissed, …

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New work and purchasing print(s)

Start your collection today. Follow the link to my Saatchi online gallery, it’s easy, you can order prints, purchase originals, or just take a look. Mahaloness all the way. see and order the art of Mahaloness here fotoMahaloness -heart and mind combine


Textures discovered while on painterly explorations. Fotomahaloness -a history of layers, painter’s language, artisan craftsmanship, from ancient methods to ones that I have discovered through constant practice.

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