Stormy seas, light beacon, Mahaloness to ease the mind.

It’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to feel the uncomfortable, it is okay to speak up, it is okay to stand tall, it is okay to rise above, and its okay to fall. You see there are forces at work that will test your courage, push your limits, and make you question your faith in the world you are in. You can try to control the things outside of you, you can attempt to take on the weight and in doing so rationalize this behavior. You can carry the weight in a backpack until your knees shake. Or you can control your own mind, find solace in knowing that what happens around you is going to unfold as it does and as it does you can be mindful of it and carry your own weight and relinquish the weight that is not yours. In doing so you lighten the load, by giving yourself love, by acknowledging you are the creator and in doing so bring vision into fruition, without guilt, fear, rage or expectation. When you let the mind dictate the story the heart fades and the internal flame dims, bringing with it frustration, even chagrin, testing every ounce of your patience and leading to dis ease. When this happens you are in a weakened state, susceptible to all sorts of things, things that are not real, and will take you away from the light, creating pain and suffering from within. Only until you say ‘I am beautiful light’, I am the creator of the world I see, will the light offer guidance, illuminated you will be. These words I have written come from the wise, those humans who walked the Earth before me. Pioneers who faced adversity, experienced darkness and left beacons that function as light houses to ships in stormy seas. When you feel like you are in a storm, chaos all around, find refuge inside, calm the mind, be courageous, practice patience and watch as your world opens up, heart beaming you will attract life and be amazed as things turn around. Mahaloness
A beacon I am working on, that will offer light to those who find themselves in darkness, a continuation of the good work, flow.
A new friend, attracted to the light:)



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