Electric Mahaloness

Storms are in the air where I live, lightening turning night into day, in very close intervals, and something I have never witnessed, lightening without thunder, which according to this link NOAA Q&A on lightening is impossible. I do not know for sure, even though I studied weather and climate at university, there is a lot that we still do not know, such as ball lightening and transient luminous events, which is a phenomenon I have never heard of and will certainly research a further. No doubt weather is becoming more and more interesting as Mother Earth seeks to find balance. It makes me think about energy, what is the actual origin of energy? Fascinating! I also wonder if energy is finite? A big question perhaps, and one that will unfold as it does. As I ponder this I have some new work taking shape and I will make sure to put a portion of this precious energy into my process, into my work. I would like to raise my awareness of the way I use energy, energy that is not just my own, but everyones, and every-thing’s. I certainly do have a choice how to harness and subsequently redistribute that energy.
FotoMahaloness electric skies shot on iPhone the other night






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