staying true

Staying true to the artist way is the hardest thing especially when dealing with the critics and those who think they lead the way. My only advice is stay true to you and let the other stuff be as it may, it’s not always easy and that’s the price to be paid.
Foto Mahaloness: Recent art made from building materials and scrap, transformed into new meaningful artwork, reflection of the spirit of Akoni and Paia, Maui. The paintings were made during peak spirit hours, 9 pm til 5 am, similar to the spirit drawings of the late William Blake. The drawings made at a coffee shop in true Bohemian style. With the exception of the drawings it is interesting to note that my style has changed quite radically from 6 months ago, I have been using aerosol, found pens on ground, and stencils that I doodled and than cut with a razor knife, made in a backyard, between the ocean, Lady Pacifica, and the cane fields that take up so much real estate on Maui, the trippy thing is that if it wasn’t the cane fields, it would most likely be a development of condos and malls, what a fascinatingly strange world we live in! It is in this zone that the restless spirits of Maui travel, and if you are in a weak state can cause misery. Who knows who they are, it really depends on what you know, and how you see history.






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