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spring peace

Seasons change, eagles still soar.

Introducing a new short mini-motion, ‘spring peace’ courtesy hälts. It features two things that I cherish most. One provides life, that is Earth. And the other one is the freedom to express inner spirit through the gift of Art. A formidable combo. Soundscape is ‘single peak’. All rights reserved. Shot, Directed, Scored, and Produced by Hälts. Copyright 2022. I bow to Earth.

I have jumped into the deep sea of the NFT market. I like to make digital art and hybrid art and I am down with another way to transmute the artwork. If you are interested in the NFT market, and you love my art, then it is your lucky day. I have a nice selection of work up along with the NFT Collective. View my NFT’s here on opensea. You can also check out the all of the NFT collective on Instagram at @the_nft_collectivve

‘eagle FLIGHT’ NFT art gif featuring an animation by Hälts

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