soul medicine

life offers joy

life brings pain

life brings surprises

and sometimes disdain

no matter what may come

there will be hälts 

making art. 



A bit of a painful moment in hälts life journey, these moments build character and are essential to feel, whether you be man, woman, or child, give yourself the freedom to let go and feel whatever it is you feel, than write it down, express it through art, or cooking, or dancing, or singing, maybe a little less drinking, whatever it is you do, channel it, this is good medicine.
No matter how alone you may feel, there will always come a visitor to remind you that this may not be true. (Praying Mantis friend visitation during a maui mana painting sesshin)
When the crow speaks you listen, spending time with Nature, observing Nature is good medicine.
Art is a facilatator of joy.
‘spirit of a child’ (oaxaca, mexico drawing sesshin )
Puerto Escondido street art that brings an ear to ear smile to this artists face.
and a hälts ART minimotion picture show called ‘cultural calamity’  for otherside zine.

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