Once upon a time I ventured to the Sunshine Coast, a magical spot located on the western shores of British Columbia. While there I learned a lot. Nature has a way of doing that, watching bald eagles soar above, riding waves made of air, the ocean lighting up at night with green phosphorescence, an aurora borealis effect in the water, no words really do it justice, it’s magic, plain and simple. While I was there I painted 2 portraits, one was the Westy Mona Lisa, made on driftwood brought in by Lady Pacifica, the other, a portrait of Solange. Solange is the daughter of a close friends, I have had the great pleasure to be part of their lives, and a minute spent with Solange can completely cure one of being an adult. The portrait may not necessarily look exactly like Solange, it does however reflect her essence, and her aura which shines bright, like her name, Solange.
Mahalonessfoto paintings and Lady Pacifica




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