Situation Critical

We as a human race need to come together and agree that the old system is not working and a new way of thinking, that is not even that new, ancient newness, is truly the only way we are going survive on this planet. With all the media that perpetuates human suffering and fear, and good people fighting good people, and bad people leveraging off of the weak, and hypocritical finger pointers judging others instead of showing love and compassion, just to protect their own interests, we are so lost, what happened? It is time to reconnect with the land and the ocean, the animals, the plants, and each other. The longer we wait for things to get worse, so to will our dignity, and our love, be lost. I work at being optimistic, and as I have written about previously, it is important that I do not succumb to despair, it seems like an easy route to take, I will not accept that to be my fate, Mother Earth means to much to me to let her down.






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