Silly Mahaloness

The magic that I see with my very own eyes is a reflection of my being. One has to wonder than if the magic I see is the same magic you see. Perhaps your magic happens in Japanese, or Russian, who is to say that it is not of the same magic even if it is referred to as the magic local to the region in which it happens, I mean a rainbow is a rainbow everywhere, that’s pretty Mahaloness. The journey here on Maui has delivered magical moment after magical moment with intermittent periods of strange and unusual, periodic freak outs but no worries it is expected to clear by late afternoon. Just a small reminder the transit of Venus took place today, there is a likelihood of relationship malfunctions, ride this one through folks it will pass, always does, if it did not pass than time as we know it would stop, and nothing would move therefore nothing would really exist except a freeze frame that no one could possibly see because we would all be frozen, unless that is there are special antifreeze bunkers out there that You or I may or may not know about, rest assured I’d rather be frozen than in a bunker. If you close your heart the world will shut off to you, if you fight the heart the heart will remind who is in charge. When the heart feels weary breathe, when the heart opens breathe. On the next day or so say Mahaloness to someone and tell them to keep up the good work, if Mahaloness is inappropriate, it is always appropriate, than remind someone of their radness, for instance maybe you see someone take a sweet corner on a bike and you run into them at the supermarket, let them know they are rad and and perhaps offer a small explanation, and say thank you, or Mahaloness. I wonder if I should make up some Mahaloness citations, that are written up like a ticket except they are to inform people of their radness, hmmmm.




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