Sacred Protective Deity Paintings Mahaloness

Sacred protective deity painting is a lot of words, so to make things simple, this is a part of what I have referred to as Mahaloness. To explain Mahaloness is the equivalent of explaining what Zen is. Words are limited to what the dictionary defines and I am pretty sure that Mahaloness is not in the dictionary…yet. What I do know and in my experience Mahaloness consists of doing the good work from the heart, letting spirit flow, no matter what the environment, setting, or location is. Being an artist of the day I practice wherever I am, with what is available, and one of the wonders of flow is that while working and being in flow the things that you will require have a way of presenting themselves as long as you are in Mahaloness, or in other words the universe is saying you are on the right path. In the case of this protective deity installation (hidden mural) preparation met opportunity, or what some may call this luck, I say Mahaloness. A string of moments woven together produced a picture on a wall, that is a protective deity, animal like, with Jaguar like features of colorful varieties, never seen on Earth until one fine near full moon night. A calling led me to this wall and in a matter of hours I had produced the image above with the intention that it will be painted over and will only be known to those who were there, unless you have the ability to space time travel and can figure out exactly what wall it is, I never rule these things out. It is almost ready to be covered and only a few lucky people saw it in its openness, once covered it will remain there imbedded in the layers, and will act as a protective layer for the occupants of the home, as well as the surrounding community. I have been yet unable to map out the exact trajectory of the protective field, though I imagine it is quite extensive. I should mention that the owner of the house where the protective deity mural is has Leukemia and has been going through chemotherapy. When he first set eyes on the mural on the wall, he had no idea this was happening, a huge smile appeared on his face, and attests to the healing qualities of Mahaloness. A rule of thumb to the wise, when Mahaloness calls and says ‘it is time to do the good work’, do the good work, if you hesitate the ego will interfere with the process and this is something you must be mindful of if you are interested in exploring the practice of Mahaloness. This blog is dedicated to Michael, may you heal well and be well my brother.


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