Rootamental Joy equals Mahaloness

The Rootamental Mahaloness is living life fully with joy throughout peaks and valleys, maintaining awareness of true self and letting this flow through you. This is essential so as to service humanity to the fullest and thus set in motion actions that will exponentially grow with endless potential. Your brain will attempt to reason with this, there is no reason, it is roughly the 90% of the brain, according to science, that we have yet to truly tap, and perhaps this is true of the universe, where approximately 90% is considered dark mass. So where to begin, how do you jump in and go with a current you cannot see with the naked eye? This is a question that many have spoken about on channels like TED talks and alike, with many views that seem so close to each other that perhaps this is an indication of how close we really are. It seems to me that science and art are not too far apart, and as time runs its course these languages begin to speak to each other with wondrous fluidity and potential energy turning kinetic. The spark is happening all around and for the creative mind it present limitless possibility for truly extraordinary fruition. So to all those out there searching, do not give up hope, your part is one of many and together momentum builds the bridge bringing us closer together, perhaps like no other time before. With a bit of luck (in the context of this blog by luck I mean preparation meeting opportunity) we may see a planet that is in true coexistence, without the need to fight for something we do not fully understand, where fear and anxieties dissipate like fog as the sun rises from the east. So let’s get to it shall we, let’s bring it together and produce the extraordinary, make the most of the time you have! Mahaloness
Images as seen are some hints of the good work I enjoy producing every moment I can, I will be writing about the paintings as the blog unfolds. Hula man can be seen viewing a protective diety mural that I made recently for a beautiful individual who is fighting cancer, I will expand on this soon. Love



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