River sesh proves fruitful

So I am on a water tip these days, the Mahaloness blog loves water, whether that’s an ocean or a river or a stream, it makes no difference, water is where it is at, and air, well all the elements really, water it is! This afternoon I booked some time next to the river, got lots on my mind and if Athabasca taught me anything water, specifically rivers, really do ease the soul and take those thohghts, or whatever is on my mind, and takes it down stream. Today proved fruitful with rainbows, caterpillar action, and a woodpecker who has extremely tenacious chipping skills. The wolf is coming together, this is sure to be a string of wilderness based paintings. So without further adieu here is today’s FotoMahaloness featuring late summer/early fall paint sesh, woooweee.
Next episode back to the Athabasca and a meeting with a man named Calvin…








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