Ringing Cedars: Mahaloness in nature

Mahaloness frequency picked up on the Ringing cedars, which are of 2 varieties, Siberian and Lebanese. A local source informed me that these trees were used in the construction of King Solomon’s Temple. The ringing cedar collects energy and makes a ringing sound when they reach the age of 550 years of growth, calling man to utilize the energy for the benefit of Earth. They are able to catch the full spectrum with an abundance of needles day and night. If there call is missed over a course of 3 years it is said the cedar internally combust and burns for 27 years. To learn more follow the link. http://www.anastasiasgarden.com/library/
Images: Mahaloness was beaming today producing full spectrum protective deities consisting of the Harmonic Frequency Ringing Cedar painting, and the Mermaid pools, channeling Mahaloness is similar to magic in that the manifestation may actually surprise you:) Mahaloness and thank you for Anastasia’s garden website, wonderful.





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