Renegade Mahaloness

Renegade, according the dictionary definition provided by the algorithm cyber world, is a deserter from one faith, a cause, or allegiance to another; an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behaviour. Many legendary renegades come to mind with the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp, Hemmingway, Frida Kahlo, Sarah Bernhardt, Pollack, Mother Teresa, the list goes on and on. If it wasn’t for the renegade I have to believe that Mahaloness wouldn’t even be an idea. The world would be a different place. It seems it is imperative to acknowledge the spirit of renegade, to crank up the heat to hyper heat, double rainbow power and say goodbye to conventional wisdom that for all intensive purposes was doomed from the beginning. You either do it or you don’t, there’s no halfway, there is no compromise, if there is than you are not really fully invested in it, the heart and mind together, concentrated without effort. Fear will arise and it has been in my experience the beast can recognize the fear and if the fear is there you will be devoured by the fear and that’s a sad note in an Ode to the apathetic human condition. The world is in some ways fucked up, when hasn’t it been? If we had facebook back in the Black Plaque I wonder what daily posts would have been, what’s on your mind? The renegade is by all accounts not out for blood, nor in a mode to destroy the world, the Mahaloness renegade knows the conventions and acknowledges their presence and works with flow, because flow is the furthest thing from exclusivity, it is channeling and working with what’s available, it is being resourceful without compromising quality and care. The tools may be crude, the radness that makes us humans makes it possible to transform the crude into beauty, useless into useful. It instills an energy into whatever it use to channel through and that is pretty renegade, Mahaloness renegade with care and gratitude.
Fotografica: moments of process and completed protective deity mural on wall added to already existing radness and Mahaloness love respect and spirit painting20120508-164621.jpg20120508-164632.jpg20120508-164659.jpg20120508-164805.jpg20120508-164812.jpg20120508-164817.jpg

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