I was parked at a mountain trail and this raven came over for a visit. I just so happened to have picked up a new lens and was doing a timelapse test when the raven flew over and landed on my car. It proceeded to speak to me in strange tongues, while performing intermittent dances. What struck me was I had made a painting with a raven doing a similar dance, which I had recently included in an art show. We hung our for about 15 minutes, and then moved on in our respective paths. It was very timely encounter on many levels, I later cut this mini motion together. I was also working with a green screen, testing some ideas out and learning about light. The soundscape features a vintage accordion I found in my parents house, buried in a closet, and composed with garage band. Location is Windermere BC Canada, home of the eagle and the raven, and the wolf. Surely there is a metaphor or more in there as well. I have come upon a challenging section in the life journey, going to have to dig deep, and stay connected to the unified field as much as possible.

Portrait of an Artist and Care Giver, halts, I am looking out for 2 eagles, old and wise.

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