Painted Turtle

Halts artworks meets wood grain, using sustainably sourced birch wood creating a one of a kind print, which comes in 2 options:

Printing without white ink

  • Any white in your design will show as the wood grain
  • Darker areas or areas of heavy detail will print darker than you see on your screen
  • There will be a warm look to your print since the colour of the wood will give your colours a warmer tone. Blues in your artwork may take on a turqoise/green tint
  • This setting is ideal for highlighting the difference between printing on wood and printing on paper. Printing on wood gives you a unique one-of-a-kind pieces each time since every wood canvas is different.

 Printing with white ink

  • White in your artwork will print white ink on the wood canvas.
  • Our white ink still allows the wood grain to be seen through the ink by about 50%
  • Darker areas will be highlighted with white for increased details
  • Ideal for photographs and detailed artwork