Process Mahaloness

Today the ego thought about writing about the occupier. It seems like the thing to do, so I will steer a new course and head to a star, a bright star, one that guides the way, and brings me back to me, with smile, renew. Today is Beltane, today is Mayday, today is today, it is a day of Mahaloness, your opportunity to step up and do that thing you been meaning to do. And by stepping up I mean stepping out, opening up to new possibility. Reach out to someone today, say hello, let the people know you care, that you are here thankfully, and willingly, no matter what, or who tells you, what the state may be. Today is a great day, pool party, great day, coffee, great day, dance in an elevator, great day, let yourself be what you love to be, great day. But what about the millions of dollars that everyone else has but me? What about my mortgage, my car payments, my too busy to be?! It will work out. Give yourself a moment, give your self the experience, step out, and see how wonderful it is to just be. To the lonely, I say this, you are not alone. To the angry, you are not alone. To the sad, you are not alone. It is possible and entirely plausible that at any moment someone elsewhere is feeling you in their heart. The Mahaloness is not another remedy, it is a way of being, it is reinvigorating, it is a turning blue, predominately a sad color, into a thing of wonder and awe, like the sky, and the ocean. Sure I could write more about my art, and if I feel it I will, what it is I am sharing is a way of quieting the mind so you too can connect with your passion, your true love, and do it in a way that you’ve never thought you could before. I see people all over showcasing the radness, the Mahaloness, Mother Earth supplies Mahaloness all the time, even so called bad weather brings awe, wonder and imagination…on a rainy day I wish sun, on a sunny day I wish cool, the weather comes and goes and so do you, so today be Mahaloness, be you, do something extraordinary, being sure, and shining through.

Images: step by step painting, it is process that I find most interesting, the process says it all. 20120501-123114.jpg20120501-123148.jpg20120501-123157.jpg20120501-123206.jpg20120501-123213.jpg20120501-123235.jpg



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