As I find myself in the current moment I contemplate the river I travelled on to get here. I am here, with all off myself, amazed, and in awe that I made it this far. Perhaps I am stubborn, yes, perhaps I am blind, yes, perhaps I went with my heart, yes, irrational mind. As I wander to the river’s edge, many thoughts drift into my head. I stare out at the water, searching for the silence. Heaviness comes over me. Not so distant memories flash through my head, some good, some sad, some I can’t even believe. Pride. I made it happen, all of it, even this river that flows by and the wind that sings it’s song, here I stand, connected to this land, the lesson continues, Mother Earth do I belong?
Painting is called Pride, I started it as a live art piece, and later would finish it in the studio. It is acrylic and good leaf on canvas. You can find it on my Saatchi online page if you want to order a print or are interested in the original for your collection.


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