Praying Mantis

In the hustle and bustle of chaotic production a praying mantis lands on a painting and looks with an inquisitive eye, watching, quietly, silently, still. The mantis ever so peacefully moves up the painting, always watching, never overreacting, even though everywhere else is bustling with a activity. She delivers a message and that message is this, be peaceful, be calm, find balance, listen to your intuition, meditate, be mindful of your movements and that what you are doing is in alignment with what it is best for you, the you you, not to be confused with the you for others. Stillness is key, for in stillness you can listen to your body, and find peace of mind. For the aspiring painters out there, calm and stillness are a painters best friend, even the most energetic of painters are practicing still mind, and perform concentrated steps that in its entirety produces a work of art that is clear and speak volumes over those works that are made when mind is cluttered and chaos reigns. It is not say that chaos is a bad thing, being in chaos with still mind has been a good recipe for masterpieces, right on the edge, pushing comfort zones while being mindful of well being.







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