Poemahaloness ( defn: (po em ma hä lo nesss) a poem written while tapped into Mahaloness)
What is the state? Where are we at people? Are we here, presently residing, or, are we dwelling in the last wondering how we got here, searching for answers amongst the absurd, wishing. I am wishing on my lucky star, staring up high into the sky. As my eyes travel ahead the light reflected brings me back, I am here. I am here on this Earth next to you and you and you. This place my home, whether I pay rent or not. You want to box me in, hold me down, and feed me this food that is so far from good it makes people cry, ‘why!?’ Why do we feel the need to consume and resume on a course that is so selfish and petty, a drapery so cliche and gaudy, that we cannot even recognize our true lies. The irony, the contradictions, running rampantly around, where do we begin and where do we submit, surrender, commit and be in silence for a while. I stare up into the sky looking in the whole time, until a touch from you brings me to, and peace and oneness caresses my tired bones, tired from carrying the weight and the martyrdom that holds me back, unable to share the light, and offer to you all I can in this life. Well I do. I do submit and will put all of my love into you. And you the reflection of the love will return, a positive feedback loop that will gather momentum and carry us on through. This I feel inside, these are the words that I leave, my breadcrumbs for you.
Mahalonessfoto -I am happy to say I am worth half a billion, very Mahaloness. So if you think I am struggling I can assure you I am doing well and thank you for caring.







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