Poem #23

While you are away my heart comes undone, slowly unravels, in a ball of yarn….-bjork.
Now perhaps I should express my deepest forgiveness for mistreating you. I have on all accounts taken from you all that you have to offer me. I consume you, I have eaten you, I have travelled great distances thanks to you. I desire your true nature, searching you I walk in you and am engulfed by all of you. I am here to take care of you, to protect you knowingly that I am in service to you, my love for you unyielding, though maybe ‘love does not last’, says Past. Memory torments my vision obscured by past collisions, I feel helpless while you are away and I find myself alone. Tears fill my eyes when I think about the state of the union, eyes filled with sorrow. I chase you away and tell you never to come back yet here you are again. I run away from you I climbed mountains to look down on you, yet there you are in the sky far above even though I am way up there standing tall, quietly, aware, yet so lost. My wonder calls you even though my somberness awaits me knowing that I am just a ball of yarn. I will love you until the breath be gone from my lungs, I am a king where I am from, romantic to you, hardships are funny that way. My love in a ball of yarn. Woven into you I see through you, my heart bound to yours, even if I am in a different room than you. My goodness where has the time gone, space is just not the same without you. Why did we stop caring for you, I am sorry. Please stop and collect yourself. Pick up it pieces, even though memories torment you, make new love. Is it too late for you? have we past the point to recover you? With a sad grin I cringe internal hidden from all except those who can look into my eyes and see who I am. Memory comes back. I am human.



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