The good work was abundant on Saturday, here in Calgary, at the first Annual Cliff Bungalow Community Picnic, wonderfully orchestrated by Landlocked Agency,Sparrow Tree Productions, and Art House aka Sara Erickson, Colleen Kruger and Jennifer Allyson Dooley respectfully. It was a gathering celebrating community in the tradition of the Harvest Season that took place in a school field, in the area known as Cliff Bungalow, on an beautiful early Fall day. Many artists did gather and community realized. From my perspective community comes together, there is no creating community, it is there, it is creating space and letting community come to the surface, something which expands and contracts all the time. Desere Presse and Denby Royal, fellow artists, we’re up to some really exceptional work, for they produced a fresco, or a mural, which was started nearly a week earlier to the event, what they produced is nothing short of amazing. They came up with an idea to stamp leaves, houses and tee pees on the painted hills, using potato stamps, and anyone who wanted could make a stamp, a great way to bridge the gap and break down walls, you see we are all creators, connected togetherness. The final piece a reflection, a mirror of what went on yesterday. So fellow visionaries, Mahaloness for your efforts that were rewarded by the good folks who attended. There was a mix of music, art, there were vendors, and kids! The day a success, keep up the good work!
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