Persistence when dreams appear to fall

I don’t know about my dreams, I don’t know about my dreaming anymore, all I know is I am falling falling falling. I don’t know about my loving, I don’t know about my love anymore, all I know is I am falling, falling…..falling. -James Blake

When dreams fade and the love is gone life seems hopeless, the faith is gone. I have found that being on the Artist’s path it is very easy to fall into the trap of suffering. Hence it is very important to challenge the suffering and remind myself of the good. For instance I find art to be my one true love. I love flow, I love process, and I love the impact my art has makes on people’s lives who come into contact with it. I love colour, I love paint, especially cobalt teal, and recently magenta. I especially love losing myself, the ego, in creative flow, and it is not uncommon for me to be this mode for days in a row. This is when love is abundant, and no matter what the outside world throws at me, it just bounces off and I go with the flow. Recently I have been challenged not by creativity but the business of selling my soul. Currently I am without an agent, I am not in a gallery, nor do I have a PR person making me into the greatest thing since slice bread. All I have is a verve to create, shining outwardly, celebrating spirit, and the joy that comes when I free myself from the shackles that attempt to hold me back. We are spiritual beings living in a world that would rather humiliate than levitate, a world that capitalizes on suffering and promotes inequality with the sole purpose to drive forward at a unprecedented rate. I certainly have my moments when I am caught up in the debacle. I can feel my body taking on stress, promoting dysfunction and illness. I have come to realize that I have no business selling my art, it has for all intensive purposes destroyed some really great relationships, and this leaves me in pain. I am love, I am joy, I am the farthest thing from a greedy person out to make dollar bills and drive a crazy train, I am an artist that taps the flow, all the time, even on the days when pressure weighs and I feel as I might explode. This realization dawned on me after a visit to a small farm recently. I was in my head, fighting with some past business deals that went sour, it made me angry and I lost connection with my heart. It happens to the best of us, those moments in our lives when dreams fall, and love fades, when it seems like the world is against us, without any real escape. So today I will take some breaths, and revisit my heart, my home, and set the record straight. Love!
Fotomagica moments called engraved memories that remind me of the bless and the grace that are part of my being and a place to go when the darkness sets in and the mind weighs.
Face painter is Spirit Love, amazing beautiful light with creative verve and the little girl that is face painting Spirit i met at a festival in BC last year, an amazing artist may she shine on.










2 thoughts on “Persistence when dreams appear to fall”

  1. I first became acquainted with your spellbinding artwork at Motion Gallery here in Calgary, I really dig this post and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind me using a small quote (I was thinking of this one – “It happens to the best of us, those moments in our lives when dreams fall, and love fades, when it seems like the world is against us, without any real escape.”) in a post on my site to link to your blog here. I admire your cultural appreciation and creative process towards understanding the Mahaloness of our earthly human existence through your art, it shows!

    In creativity, RK

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