My last post I wrote about the work of Maria Prymachenko,… a little update her work has not been destroyed in the war, turns out it was saved and her art has become a revived beacon of hope, a light on the path of dark times. And so I have decided to continue to work on what I started, my re-creation and homage to Prymachenko’s ‘a dove spreads her wings and asks for peace’. Working on it offers a small sliver of hope, and a gentle reminder that there must be light for there to be a shadow. This light is directed back to the Ukraine, and all places on this tiny blue dot that are inflicted with pain and suffering thanks to the brutality of ruthless war mongers. Someone once said to me, we all have the same colour of blood, yes we do. My heart is with all effected by this tragedy. This extends to all recent wars that are connected to this one, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on. We must work to bring peace back into our lives, and find it in our hearts to heal all wounds.

2 short films of the work in progress, peace will take time, we must have hope.

peace painting silent short digital film
part 2

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