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I am back for a moment, I don’t know where the times goes, one moment it’s here, the next it is gone. I have been working on multiple fronts, and my life responsibilities are far and wide. In the milieu of modern life I manage to make the time to make art, and diving deep into the freedom that creativity is. I am living in this world, with everyone else, which appears chaotic at the moment. With so many things happening all at once, it is difficult to concentrate, however I find meditation helps to steer my boat in the turbulent waters. There is a part of me that would like to just shut it out and go into a cryo chamber to be woken in 1000 years. This isn’t my style however, I do stay informed, I read, read, and read. I watch films. I read and watch various news sources, and keep my finger on the pulse. It has been extremely challenging as of late, I have Ukranian roots, and watching the scene unfold there is tearing me apart from the inside. No words, just feelings of anger and sorrow. That is part of the awakening I am going through, realising that my freedom is not worth a protest, no, I would rather make art, and that is what I will do. I am currently working on a new idea, recreating some Ukranian Folk Art that the Russian forces reportedly destroyed by burning down a Ukranian Folk Art Museum. Some of those works are by Maria Prymachenko, a Ukranian folk artist who caught my attention. Now I am not there, so I know this may or may not be entirely the truth… However, the history of destroying cultural artefacts during war is well documented and I have seen this in other recent conflicts as well. So as I say, ‘you can destroy the physical object, but you cannot deter the inner spirit that made it’. So with all my strength and will, I am going to bring some of Prymachenko’s works back to life, and pass that forward to future generations. We must preserve our cultural wisdom, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

I am starting this project as I write this blog. My aim is to keep central motifs from Maria Prymachenko’s work in tact and similar to her own paintings. Using templates I will add them into the context of my modern work, starting with atmospheric background paintings. I am excited to see where this goes, Maria’s spirit spoke, and woke me up! My thoughts, my prayers, my heart and soul are with all affected by the recent conflict in Ukraine, stay strong and never give up hope.

Attention good people, I have added Part 1 of my Hälts ART mini documentary to my website I have been working on it bit by bit for the past while. I am happy to present it to you here as well on the blogosphere. Thank you for being here.


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