one love bus

It is the journey that I will cherish until my last breath.

This project will always be shrouded in obscurity and mystery, in fact most folks do not even know who the author of this beast is, and perhaps that has been a blessing for me, the ability to make art and remain somewhat of a mystery is something I will appreciate for as long as it lasts, especially living in a world of repetition, namesake and copy.

fotoMahaloness Big Ha in all it’s glory. This is the result of unbridled creativity with some reckless abandonment, it took every ounce of my energy to complete because thats how I work. It has taken many years to actually see it, and be okay with it. The bus tells a story far out of the conventional norm. Three things influenced this bus art: my grandfather, Julian Nobert, Mother Earth and Hawaii. The rest just came in flashes of inspiration, drawing from drawings. For the majority of the time I worked alone, for 3-7 day stretches, a true test if nerve and will. The total length of time it took was around 3 months of work, in the middle of no where, in the dead of a Canadian winter. The spirit of creativity was omnipresent, and yes I made many mistakes, and many lessons have been learned. Perhaps I will paint another bus, I would jump at the opportunity given the right conditions. One last thing that is probably the biggest point, always ask if the object wants to be painted, this may not translate into your own personal happiness at the time, and it may take some time to ‘see it’ but it will be worth it, all of it, if you know what I mean.



one love

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