I woke up on the first day of this year with newness on my mind. Twenty twelve was full of a little bit of everything. There were new experiences, adventure, some adversity, and moments of pure joy. Mahaloness 2013 brings new directions, fresh insights, steady progress and attention to detail. This is in alignment with the year of the snake, specifically the black water snake. Year of the Snake

Quick note: I enjoy living when I am functioning through heart space.

When heart and mind are aligned, creativity flows through me, nearly effortlessly. This is mahaloness. It is the process of letting go while being mindfully aware without fear. Magic and fear have a negative correlation. This is no joke….okay! Why so serious!?

New word of the day
Furtherer -further from further

Question of the day
Does time exist in cyberspace?

Extra thoughts…

In the past year of maintaining this blog, I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and creative explorations with you. It is a pilgrimage of monumental proportions, yet so tiny in a multiverse of possibility. Although it is not always as coherent as I’d like it to be, I am working at it, I do hope that my blogging skills are furthering. My intentions for 2013 are to continue to carry out the good work and share my art explorations with you. Art is my gift and I most certainly have chosen to follow my heart. This is what my art reflects. Heart being the engine, and the fuel being life experience, the magic, and of course, research. I like to use the whole brain, it is astonishing what can happen when you do.

A lovely quote from Chögyam Trungpa, I wrote this one down in my trusty moleskine.

“When you express gentleness and precision in your environment, the real brilliance and power can descend onto that situation. It you try to manufacture that presence out of your own ego, it will never happen. You cannot own the power and magic of this world. It is always available, but it dies not belong to anyone.”
From “SHAMBHALA: THE SACRED PATH OF THE WARRIOR” by Chogyam Trungpa, (c) 1984. Published in arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston.

This year I dedicate to putting these words into consistent action. It will take discipline and will, this is (ain’t) no joke.

Foto mahaloness – a new space to create, and new directions do I choose to take.






If you like my art and you want to order a print please follow the link. Saatchi online I am in the early stages of developing my own web based store, it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, so I am working on it. I will keep you updated as best I can, so far no official release date. Thank you to those who have helped support my artistic journey, couldn’t do it without you. <3

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