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Paint is my choice of expression I recently returned from a sojourn to Maui, where I began to explore different techniques, specifically stencil art, which took on a collage like feel. Change is inevitable, I try not to fight with it too much, the one thing I have learned is that as things change patience becomes an important ally. Change can equate to uncertainty, in that patterns are being adjusted, or new methods are adopted, and this keeps my work fresh, exciting and somewhat unpredictable.
FotoMahaloness recent lawn painting sesh equals Mahaloness and some paintings I made on Maui, with materials that were found mostly, except for the paint. I painted for a month straight next to a fellow who built an ohana, a small family guest house, it is always interesting to work alongside other trades, it offers new insight into my work and I think it also influences their work too, I think the praying mantis agrees:) Mahaloness to Maui!

Recent lawn paint sesh



Maui sesh 2012






Lunch break up high looking down at the workmanship20120818-115420.jpg
Dedicated to Jim, he is an angel in his own right, he opened up space for me to work in Maui, he is out there doing the good work, he opened my eyes up to a lot of things, I miss you buddy.

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