My gift to the world is being in Mahaloness

My gift to the world is channeling creative flow, is redemption of the the creative spirit that flows, omnipresent, always here, always flowing. The Mahaloness in giving is the giving, no matter how it is presented, it is always there, and from a place of thankfulness and heart. Knowing that flow flows the Mahaloness is always changing, impermanent, timeless and perhaps the change is the only constant, only Mahaloness knows. So to the world and all the people doing the good work out there, you’re radness is appreciated, seen or unseen it is felt, you can be 10 000 fathoms below the sea surface doing the good work, documented or not, and I will feel your love, one love, and in honoring the goodness the good work will continue to flow and the world will benefit from it in countless ways. Be Mahaloness and keep up the good work, be the Mahaloness you want to be!









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