mountain air romance with some writers block. 

writers block. 


hälts apologizes for his loss for words, the following images are some highlights over the last few days here in BC and some art as usual, the sun will rise again and there will be more work to be done. 

the artist and human both a work in progress.
I look out to the landscape and the landscape is looking right back at me.
‘BC mind’ hälts hybrid art
true love lives on crisp mountain air.
A man on fire ran into a pileated woodpecker while on a walk down the village street.
to think this is a wild animal…
‘woodpecker’ hälts hybrid art, I found myself chasing around birds for the last two days, I was looking for eagle and instead encountered this pileated woodpecker instead, that’s life for you.
‘Windermere BC’ 🐖 hälts hybrid art featuring a layered portrait of Windermere BC, home of the elders, eagles, the whitehouse…pub, and crisp clean mountain air… when there isn’t forest fires.

Open again. 

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