The magic never stops on Maui. This place is charged. The volcano is the foundation, you can feel it, sometimes literally, my last trip here there was a 4.7 magnitude earthquake, just a little reminder from Mother Earth. Around the Volcano is an Ocean, Lady Pacifica, in all her majesty. I am in a steady flux of humble while I am here, every moment something magical is happening and if I can let go of the pain and the suffering that makes me human I can create masterpieces, not so much because of my skills, my abilities or talent, it has to do with letting go of all the other stuff, and than I am free to channel the energy. The energy can be so strong here that if you are not mindfully aware you can be swept off your feet and float to the top of the volcano, Haleakala, said to be some 30 000 years old, a child in relation to the origin of Earth. It is fitting that there is a term for the land in the Hawai’in language called ʻĀina which means the land, and the connection we have to it, as in to be a steward of the land, in synergy with the land, not against it. It is no surprise than that when you experience ʻĀina that it feels magical, and similar to a phenomenon, in that there really are no words to describe it. Luckily I am a painter and artist, so it is my job, joy of being, to tap into ʻĀina and interpret it through process. Some may consider it to be a spiritual experience, I am one of those people, it is as if when I am here that it is not me that paints the painting, it is the spirit of this place, that channels through me and guides me along. The paintings I have attached are the result of this experience, and it is not as if the paintings are an end result, they are chapters in a book, and the book is growing all the time. Today I am preparing to show some of the work made on Maui, it is exciting to me because I was not born here, yet I feel a connection to this place, and it is my hope that showing the work that the viewer will experience the mystical qualities of ʻĀina, while at the same time be reminded that we are pretty lucky to be here on this planet, with all her beauty, and wonder. We are the stewards of the Motherland and the ocean, it is our collective responsibility to care for our planet so that the future generations, the kama’aina, children of the land, will be able to experience her magic and be supported by her natural abundance.
Paintings made from scrap building material, recycled and turned into masterpieces thanks to this beautiful land and ocean. Mahaloness




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