Monkey with a banana photon lazer pistol

There’s nothing quite like mid summer Saturday lawn painting. On this day I have a monkey in my mind, and not just any monkey, no folks this monkey packs a banana photon lazer pistol punch, it shoots rainbows, full spectrum, representing all energies and eventually becoming one white light. You see this is an evolved monkey, it has red blood cells made up of nano technology, programmable chips in each one, folks this is some serious science! In this painting I am attempting to make a link between Primate Moderna and Primate Ancient-atta. This is the future primate and perhaps the masters of the future!*
*Note: never take Mahaloness seriously, seriously, make art not war, and please…always use your turn signal
This monkey was not hurt in anyway in the making of this blog.
This is a fictional character any likeness to any monkeys you may know is a complete coincidence.
**it turns out ants like paintings as well as praying mantis!
DocuFotomahaloness early lawn painting process, where’s it going to go?!









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