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minimal words

Humans are struggling at the moment, it will be interesting to see how things play out in this game of life.


Minimal words today, so much to say however there is other work to be done….future blogs coming, thank you for your patience. For now here is a story in pictures.

golden eagle
chasing eagles is my other passion
silly human…
perhaps this eagle was someone I once knew… maybe deep down I want to be an eagle in my next lifetime. 
…and soar wherever my wings will take me
mystery scat, possibly mountain lion, could be bear…
classic bear scat… likely a black bear
autumn flora
night flora
painting with light
night flag
late late summer dance

Life’s a funny the thing. The things I said back then, that mostly fell on deaf ears, or were difficult to hear, or read, or understand… that not only did they come into some form of fruition, they became part of the vernacular.

A road less travelled, however travelled.



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