The days are growing longer. The suns presence a welcome change from the short days of light. As the snow melts high on the mountain tops, the rivers swell. The bears awake from their winter slumber. The birds migrate in the sky above. Clouds fill the valley, rain falls, buckets of water, saturating the land. Misty forests slowly wave back and forth, reminding me there is still magic in this world.

I got have a feeling that I don’t want to know. The world is right behind me, while trying to be present in moment. So many problems that are trying to fill my mind. I take a walk in the garden where the flowers bloom, talking to plants that listen too well. I go to my studio to eat an apple and look at my painting. Thoughts try to consume my mind, I just don’t know, oh what a clown.

‘…and if you can you can believe it, it is a Friday once again!’

-David Lynch

New Digital Short

I went up the mountain road the other day to film the swollen river. My process was very spontaneous and free flowing, similar to the river. I have been working on keeping my sound as simplistic as possible. Improvisation has been the captain of my process, and using intuition to connect the dots. I have been getting some interesting results, and it has kept the process exciting and new. I hope you enjoy my latest spark titled, ‘Melt’.

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