Maui, island fever, burning cane sugar, indomitable wind, sunshine, sunrise, Haleakala, sunset, Lahaina, Moloka’i in silhouette. Volcanoes, valleys, where fierce wars did rage, now lush, and fresh, misty ridges, night walkers, makes sacred place. Surrounded by Lady Pacifica, Maui rises up, beautiful beaches where monk seals sleep, and sea turtles gliding effortlessly quit near to shore. Beyond, deep turquoise, sparkling, above watermen and women riding massive swells turned waves, so graceful as long as you make no mistakes. Shadow boxers on Akoni, bredren, war time vets, cobalt blue house, cobalt teal patina, 22, the bull, a world within. Starry nights, Haiku, I remember you, silent, except for palms swaying in the wind and the occasional rooster, passing secrets down the way, while big tire treads make only the sound they can. A porch where late night jams took place, with friends and insects, tuning into the frequency of song and dance, lyrics born, kindred spirits rise above the pain and suffering we are in. The heart feels fond of those summer nights, hot and magical, oh I do miss that island friend, may you be well, thank you deeply for letting me in.
FotoMahaloness – a painting Made on Maui, I painted over a rendering for a development, I went with an alternative approach, simply put, letting A’ina reign


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