Maui on my mind

I will always cherish my time on Maui until my last breath on this Earth.

This is a selection of my art and foto collection inspired by the spirit of Maui and all of Hawaii, where I have encountered so many beautiful people, wonderful stories, and music. It is a place where all elements come together in such a magnificent and beautiful way. 20140330-005640.jpg20140330-005655.jpgsand art installation
20140330-005712.jpgHomeland takeover
Aerosol stencil over a developer’s rendering for new resort community.
Development is a huge issue on Maui, in my opinion the pros hardly outweigh the cons.20140330-005746.jpg

‘swell god’
one of a collection of Maui spirit drawings
found pen and gesso on salvaged bamboo flooring tile

My little fury Hawaiian friend near Makawao


a magic bus I painted in Canada, inspired by my first trip to Maui, here is a link for more on that story20140330-171927.jpg

north shore maui at sunset20140330-172355.jpg

me and Kamilo jammin out one night, a storyteller of his people, I met him in a parking lot, he was playing his ukelele. Kamilo is a true Polynesian prince, and is both, an uncle and elder, to many of the youth there. He would sit next to the ocean and sing his grandmothers songs to the kids at sunset while the canoes were out on the water, very amazing man with a heart as big as the Big Island of Hawaii. Unfortunately you won’t find his download on the internet, he is a true ambassador of the Aloha spirit.20140330-175256.jpg

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