The importance of giving thanks is a vital asset to being in flow with life. I hope for the sake of humanity that we come to this mass realization that we all belong here and all that we really require at this moment in spacetime is to work with what we have and get back into flow with this planet.

There has been a request from the people who I met on my travels, that we treat each and every other with due respect and with dignity, which we all deserve, without exceptions.


The knocks, losses, and disappointments of life give you a true eye and enable yo to deal with things efficiently.

-Lady of Air Card from the DA VINCI Enigma Tarot by Caitlín Matthews




fotos are from a roadtrip to the bc coast, more coming soon…such as some dandy sky shots, with the air thick with smoke there have been some incredible sunsets and cloud formations, the smoke being a symbol of our connection to the spirit world.

IMG_1192.JPGthat’s quite the connection.

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