Mahaloness would like to flourish

I have often heard that when someone steals a creative idea and uses it for their own purpose that this is a form of flattery. I will not try to fight such a notion and perhaps it is worth the investment on my part. I only ask that you help spread the love. I am currently working on new ideas of how to exhibit my art and if you know of any galleries who might like my work and are looking for artists to exhibit I am always interested to explore such channels. I also specialize in live painting, whether it is in a festival environment, or any kind of event that live painting can add value to. I am also leaning towards developing a workshop/artist talk, where I can share my journey and pass on my knowledge to those who want to tap their creative self. I am always looking for new projects and I would love to see the Mahaloness project flourish, I can’t do it alone, so please spread the love and let’s see where this goes.
FotoMahaloness remix session
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Remixing my most recent work called ‘mystic reclamation’ enjoy and love to you all.






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