Mahaloness Wish List

– a million dollars (for the art explorations)
– an unlimited Golden paint supply
– a portable easel, high tech, with LED light
– a really nice case for my kit, with wheels, and survival kit for the explorations
– a girlfriend who loves me unconditionally and who loves what I do, perhaps Mother Earth and Lady Pacifica will have to do for now
– a Dodge Sprinter, tricked out by me.
– a long and short surf board
– 2 sails, a boom, a mast, a mast foot, extension and Quattro board, custom painted by me
– a simple studio with open windows, white walls, in a forest, near the ocean
– world peace
– an art agent who is legit and who loves art and knows talent and now to manage it
– galleries who want to represent my art
– I wish that my dreams stay true.

FotoMahaloness dreams offered to others and an open studio concept and a
Magic bus I painted called Big Hau aka Furtherer








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