Mahaloness is next to cleanliness

update! So I made a bit of a goof with Calvin’s quote, I replaced ‘godliness’ with ‘cleanliness’, whoops.

‘Mahaloness is next to cleanliness’ -Calvin Lyn

When you are in Mahaloness, you are Mahaloness. -GK

Art equals Mahaloness -Einstein, not necessarily Albert

Mahaloness is not about ego, or being higher or lower, it is about being true to self, honoring your temple, your inner god, it is the radness that is within you and I, and living life in gratitude, love and compassion.

Red-tailed Hawk 24 x 24 in. Acrylic on Panel 2009 (private collection)
Tara Moderna -this is a digital remix, the original painting is 30 x 30 in. Acrylic on Panel (a very special painting I made last year now in private collection, I will write more about this one soon)




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