Mahaloness Gold

In the face of the current economic crisis it seems appropriate to develop a new currency, a currency that is valueless except to the one who places value on it. This is possibly possible, and with an evolved consciousness that we do have, we do have the choice to make a world that we can thrive. This is not to say there won’t be hitches, or even criticism, if there is one thing we are good at is criticism. So shine a light and form an idea, than put that idea into motion by doing, and be prepared to work at it, it is not going to be easy, meditate mindful that action is also a form of meditation in that you are doing being fully aware of the fact you can go back to the breath, you have the choice, conscious evolution evolving. I would like to add something, if you are one who propagates criticism, your thoughts are powerful, these are evolved thoughts and if thoughts are sent carelessly out into the universe you better believe that you are part of that process and that the doom and gloom may actually occur, this is not to say that these things will or won’t happen, it is to say that be care full, be mindful of your anger, your frustration, your resentment, you have a choice, it is available to you right now. If enough of us humans out there in the known universe do send out good thoughts than a double rainbow bridge that circles the globe is possible, and perhaps the Earth will respond as well.
Fotografica: Mahaloness Gold worth 150 coconuts, double rainbow pueo, and a frame from the film 2012: Time for Change Joao G. Amorim (R. Buck minster Fuller) check it and let’s get on the resourceful train shall we.



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