Mahaloness goes to Lukas and Willy!

Last night in Paia the next generation Nelson, Lukas Nelson, son of Willy, played beautifully to a full room backed by an amazing band made one, sharing their gift of sound sent waves, heart to heart, resonating Mahaloness, charging the souls of many, one love. For his part in doing the good work and also extended to Willy, Lukas was presented with the Lifetime Mahaloness Achievement award Rainbow painting. The antithesis to Kony, Mahaloness is the positive impacts made in this lifetime lived that are the change we want to be, a planet unified, void of finger pointing and controversy. The good work associated with Mahaloness benefits the world, humanity and produces waves that give peace of mind, and amplify the spirit of being well. Keep up the good work Lukas! Willy and I have a common thread with a recent auction that raised funds for the Achuar people of the Peruvian Amazon to travel and share their song to the world. A very reliable source who was in attendance last night, Mark, and who was a roadie with Willy back in the day, said this, “Willy came up to every hand that helped set up the show, shook their hands and said thank you for being part of the show” he also went on to say that out of all the bands he had worked with over 15 years Willy was the only one to exhibit Mahaloness. For the record I’d like to add Lukas to that short list and perhaps those out there who forgot to extend a thank you, it is never too late. I would like to add that this award is ongoing and extends to all the folks out there in the known universe who are benefiting humanity and this planet.






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