Perhaps magic is everywhere, and if so, than perhaps all it takes to experience it, is to tap into it, tapping the source, which also happens to be a surf book written by Ken Nunn, A US of A novel filled with surfing, drugs, sex and murder, and magic. Last night’s magic was abundant. A wonderful lady friend, will just call her Agent R, and myself, Mahaloness, went for a walk… This before a paint battle at the Gorilla House, located at 1503 15 Ave SW Calgary‎ AB‎ Canada. It takes place every Wednesday, artists battling each other, after being given 3 themes to work with magically delivered by the oracle following the great ‘spin’ of the wheel…. now back to the walking. Here Agent R and myself walk to a local coffee shop, order teas, and hence emerge ourselves in the magic that had already begun. See magic is omnipresent, and throughout each and every day it is flowing, the flow, the flux, moving at a rate that is difficult to define, it is the thing that you tap into, careful though, because it can go many ways, and if abused well… I will not even go there. For me it is about respect, and simply put, respect for my being and respecting the planet I am lucky to be on. So as Agent R walk and discuss the mission ahead, we run into a green dumpster, spider senses tingling I decide that I must find a piece of cardboard, we turn around and I begin rummaging. I am dumpster diving, the way I see it I know I can turn a piece of cardboard into a wonderful paint substrate, and I also know that gesso and cardboard work very well together. It also is something of a legacy to continue in the world of art history. During the depression and war time canvas was not always so abundant, so artists had to be resourceful, they worked on cardboard and found it to be a suitable replacement, though it is also important to note that they insisted on using good paint, never cheap out when it comes to paint. Moving on… we find a decent piece, Thailand Rose, it seems right, Agent R’s approving glance solidifies that this stage is complete and than the magic. Agent R takes notice of one of those signs that are there for those who see it, if you know what I mean. When you ‘look’ you will often miss, when you see it is all right there in front of your nose. The sign has an image of a dignified First Nations warrior and chief, it reads “Man Belongs to the Earth, Earth does not belong to man.” Signs within signs, it is easy to overlook the good ones, that’s city living for you, the great clutter. Moving on we make out way to the Gorilla House, the vision forms in my minds eye and we enjoy the rest of our walk. Upon entering and setting up the kit, the wheel spins and the festivities begin. Battle on. Three themes, something to do with a fingerprint, zombies and a Cadillac ride to Heaven, this is perhaps the trickiest stage for me because I hear the words but I also like to the feel the room, or the environment I am in, this means slowing my breathing, and centering, finding focus and being concentrated, though not overly concentrated, this is a common mistake, it creates tension and actually inhibits flow, it is the difference between good and great. I dive into the painting, this of course after transforming the box on to a thick box, guessed the way I like, leaving remnants of what once was, a suggestion from Agent R, always appreciated. Focusing my efforts also involves a quick trip to the back alley, where Agent R and myself breathe in the fruits that Mother Earth provides, and the natural mystic fills the night. For the following 2 hours I painted and painted, the imagery coming together nicely, the feeling that comes over me while on process is one of calm, and centeredness. I can feel the room, I can sense Agent R’s watchful eye, and the flow tonight, wonderful, no worries, and the picture is alive!
Note: I will leave the interpretation of the imagery to you, this is how I paint, it is how I like to work. The combination of materials, and ideas that came throughout the day are a result of being open to the source, the magic, it is okay to say this because it exists. Whatever you have been told or those who have said to you that dreamtime, magic, imagination, visioning, channeling, is if anyone says it’s false or fake, remember the illusory veil is thick and can easily screen or block the magic, do be mindful of this. A fellow at the event named ‘Reserve’ for anonymity, was looking at my work and it dawned on me that he was an old collector of a painting titled ‘Are you a Believer?’ that I painted just before Obama was voted in as President. Reserve also showed me a recent project he worked on using Jenga stamped with bills, as the material for a scaled model of the Federal Reserve building that was slowly came toppling down as passer byers took blocks out and placed them on top, sections collapsing, revealing the monetary and iconic Chinese imagery behind. On the wall above ‘post its’ with people’s dreams scribbled, one kid dreams to be rich, a other dreams to be awesome, almost like clouds floating above or perhaps smoke from the collapse. I have to admit that the association of his work with the Apocalypse Zombee Thai Rose painting is remarkable, magic no doubt. The funny thing too is he took a picture of the painting and it scrambled his phone, perhaps coincidence…there is no such thing as coincidence. It does not factor into the Mahaloness equation.
FotoMahaloness -fotos of the night and the last 2 part of my Obama series called ‘Are you a Believer?’ (Acrylic on Canvas) made over time from Obama as candidate and than to President. I listened to the buzz and would paint a new version, a paintamentary that portrays the stress of playing the role, I am considering working on new version, should be interesting….









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